Invisible Chat 1.22

No Image Invisible Chat is a user-friendly software for communication by LAN. You can make it "invisible" for prying eyes, when undesirable person is staying behind. You can change transparency, form, color, font and many other parameters of software appearance. It does not have any sign of presence in your system, so none would be able to see it in Taskbar, System Tray or Task Manager.

Invisible Keylogger 3.7: Invisible Keylogger is used worldwide by home and pro users!
Invisible Keylogger 3.7

Invisible Keylogger is a superior stealth monitoring and surveillance application that can secretly capture information on your PC without the possibility of being detected by the user being monitored! Do you need to find out what someone is doing online? Is your spouse, child, or someone you know using your pc and hiding secrets from you? If so Invisble Keylogger is the perfect solution for anyone that needs this information quickly and secretly

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Magic Folders XP 04.04.2

Magic Folders makes any folder you choose and all the files in that folder completely invisible to others, even on a network. Your invisible folders and files can`t be deleted, viewed, modified, or run. For all practical purposes they don`t exist. Use Magic Folders to protect your finances, taxes, and personal documents. Others won`t know these files exist, and they won`t be able to accidentally delete or modify them either.

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BlazingTools Boss Invisible 1.01: Instantly hides any program you want with a one mouse movement!
BlazingTools Boss Invisible 1.01

If you have ever had someone walk into the room unexpectedly while you are playing a game on your computer, or looking at erotic pictures, or you have something on your computer screen that you don`t want seen... then Boss Invisible is for you! With Boss Invisible, you can control the visibility of all programs running on your computer with just a quick move of your mouse or by pressing a hotkey!

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Secret Disk 2.13: Tool to create invisible disk, which is protected by password
Secret Disk 2.13

invisible and locked with a password within one second. You can make your private files and folders invisible and protected. You don`t need to format your hard disk or make any changes to boot sector. Our program will create new disk automatically very quickly. You can make this disk invisible, including all contents, and protect it with a password. You can store any files and folders on the disk. Secret disk works as usual hard disk and compatible

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HideIt! 1.3

Protect and hide folders and files, make your files totally invisible to everyone but you! Password protect and strong encryption files. HideIt! creates guarded and invisible space on your hard drive. This space is your private "hiding place" where you can add any data you wish to keep private and hidden from others. The size of your data is limited only by your hard drive capacity. Protect yourself! HideIt! is your personal data key

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Aether Antiboss 1.2: Quickly hide any software, files, folders, windows with just a click!
Aether Antiboss 1.2

invisible on the disk, it cannot be found, viewed, deleted and run by anyone besides you. And there`s no need to "unhide" or "unlock" hidden software first to be able to run it! It remains totally invisible but still is able to work! How do you like the idea of having, for example, a chat program on your work computer and be sure that nobody can detect it, even if they will search for it throughout the hard disk? Even when they start your computer

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